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YPPS PaperCut Account Management

PaperCut Documentation and Drivers

Click on a link below to view instructions on PaperCut setup and operations. The links point to specific locations in an Adobe PDF document; this document may be downloaded and printed if you wish.
Please note that while the links below should work in most web browsers, there are known issues with Chrome and some other browsers that may cause the links below not to function correctly. If you should click on a link below and are not brought to the correct location in the PDF, please scroll to the top of the PDF and use the clickable Table of Contents to access the information you need.

Regarding Drivers
Unlike Uniprint, PaperCut does not have drivers that you need to download and install. Instead, you just need to connect to the PaperCut Print Queue - see the appropriate "Setting up Printing ..." link below for instructions. (Note that in some cases, you may need to install the PaperCut Client software which is available from the Yale Software Library - instructions are included along with the download.)

PaperCut Quick Start / How-To Guide

PaperCut Detailed Guide